About Us

Our Story

Our Beginnings

Founded in 2011 by current president Ken Liu, Invistec offered services in engineering, planning, and construction management. The company was made up of three employees whose vision was to disrupt the status quo of how consulting services operated and to introduce a new way to approach land development. Invistec provided both small and large clients with a personal team of experts to positively influence the industry.


Start of Our Legacy

By 2014, Invistec grew exponentially to thirteen employees with influence within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. At this time, Invistec has signed on to work on their first major commercial and residential land development projects, marking this to be the beginning of Invistec’s long standing contribution to the land development industry in the region.

Corporate Traditions

Corporate events have been a tradition at Invistec from the very beginning. Since 2012, Invistec has hosted many corporate events to enhance company values and to build an environment of supportive relationships. The annual Invistec Day features a full day of interactive summer activities for its employees, while the annual Invistec Movie Night is a gathering of the clients to watch a feature movie at the local movie theater. In 2022, Invistec has formed a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to maintain an environment where all employees can feel they belong and are valued for their unique perspectives and contributions.


Expanding Our Services

In 2017, Invistec opened its Landscape Architecture Department, offering landscape design and construction management services that complement larger land development projects. Today, the Landscape Architecture Department has expanded and works on standalone projects with local developers.

In 2022, Invistec introduced two new departments - Municipal Engineering and Transportation, solidifying Invistec’s ambition of being involved more vigorously in the public sector. With these additions, Invistec grew to a team of 57 employees that include professional engineers, planners, landscape architects, and technologists in various fields. This growth couldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our long-standing employees who have since received Excellence Awards for their contributions.

Expanding Our Reach

Starting out operations within smaller municipalities around Edmonton, Invistec has expanded into Edmonton and the greater metropolitan region, and northern Alberta. Our team has always been conscious about growing, and today, Invistec works on projects all across Alberta. Establishing a new sphere of influence, Invistec opened a new branch in Calgary, AB, in 2023, offering consulting services in engineering, planning, and landscape architecture. Our next step is to learn and grow to offer services across Canada.


Notable Projects

Quest University Development Permit & Engineering (District of Squamish)

Livingston Multi-Family (City of Calgary)