Donna Brown

Donna has over 30 years of experience in various aspects of the Landscape Architectural profession in Alberta and the western United States. She graduated from Utah State University and upon graduation was selected by one of her teaching assistants to work with Landplan Associates in Calgary. It was there that she got an introduction to site-sensitive design and development in working on projects in the National and Provincial parks. In Washington State, Donna was an integral part of a team that designed innovative land developments on an island where all development was closely watched and the demand for environmentally sensitive design was high and crucial for municipal approval.

Donna has an abundance of site planning experience, striving to create sites that function, revitalize and inspire. Her experience has taught her how to design public spaces in neighborhoods that instill pride in the community, creating elements of lasting quality and sustainability.

Donna is also a visual artist and uses her creative influences to inspire her design. This is especially important when designing projects that become more meaningful by developing a sense of “Place”. She loves to research the culture or community to find her inspiration and then formulate a design that is unique and full of meaning.

Donna is always looking for a better way to do things, building on experience and seeking innovative solutions. With Invistec she loves being part of a team that analyzes each project to determine the opportunities and constraints and aims to achieve the client’s goals in the best way possible from a business standpoint, as well as environmentally and sustainably.