Haris Sunje

Haris is a Principal with Invistec. His passion for engineering design began during his time completing the NAIT Civil Engineering program. Determined to be one of the best engineering designers in Edmonton, Haris chose to start his career in the field, as he believes successful designers should have a full understanding of the construction process.

This unique approach combined with more than 19 years of design experience in land development projects has positioned him well to embrace an important opportunity in his career: join Invistec as a Partner and a key member of a strong design team. “It is a big decision for me to make”, said Haris, as he has to leave a relatively secure position with the City of Edmonton, where he gained extensive knowledge on arterial road design and neighbourhood renewal. “But I think it's worth to take the risk, otherwise, I will never know what my full potential is.”

Haris’s hard work and commitment was rewarded when Invistec’s clients recognized the quality with which he performs his work, and awarded Invistec more projects. As an avid soccer player Haris thinks of himself as the goal keeper of the Invistec design team, expressing “it is a team effort and I am just one member of Invistec's All Star Team".