Reuben Ross

Reuben likes long walks on the beach and engaging conversations about the universe and ethics. He also has a passion for engineering and making cities a happier and healthier place to live. Reuben has worked in the civil engineering industry since 2013.

His passion for learning has led him to have experience is several different aspects of engineering and project management. In the first few years of his career, his primary experience was in drainage engineering and working on land development projects. He then transitioned to transportation engineering focusing on arterial projects.

He has lead the design on stormwater management facilities, designed several subdivisions, worked on master servicing reports, and designed arterials roads. In addition to his skills on the technical side, through project management he has fostered his people skills. Some of the most difficult problems in engineering are not engineering related. These problems may require connecting the right people, communicating solutions effectively, and listening to really understand the needs of other people. In all problems involving people, Reuben always tries to listen, build relationships, and seek win-win solutions.