Ryan Rayburn

Ryan was born and raised in Edmonton’s west side, and while he didn’t always know he was going to find success in the engineering industry, his high school shop teacher certainly did – telling Ryan he would make a good engineer following his design and construction of a chess board. That teacher was right, as Ryan pursued his education in Civil Engineering Technology from NAIT following high school and began working as a draftsperson for Stantec. An avid wrestler and rugby player; two sports that require quick thinking and the constant changing of strategies to stay ahead of opponents, Ryan approaches engineering design in a similar manner. His ability to quickly interpret regulations and find solutions to complex technical problems set him apart as a designer, and he continued to gain the trust of his peers and take on more responsibilities. He even played a lead role in the development and implementation of an entire Civil 3D system that included everything from drafting standards, title block design and detailed procedure manuals.

Ryan joined Invistec in 2016, saying the opportunity to both work with, and lead, a young and innovative team made the decision simple.